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Barbara J. Branka Dip Hyp CS, Dip PC, MHS, MNCS (ACC)

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Hypnotherapist, Psychologist

Hypnotherapy is a method of psychotherapy that uses hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, a state well-known to everyone, state that we experience every day. This condition occurs when a person is relaxed as during bedtime. Everyone has experienced feelings like this so many times. Feeling of "suspension" while walking or driving a road they know, they suddenly arrive at the place of destination without even realizing the distance and time passed. Sometimes during boring conferences, meetings, classes, we realize that we completely do not listen to what is being said, our thoughts go to a completely different place, we come to that place so often that we see, hear and feel everything as clearly as in reality. Hypnosis is just that kind of state of mind.

Hypnosis allows to shorten the treatment time by connecting straight with the subconscious mind. All methods used while in this state are always pre-planned and agreed on by the patient.

In my therapy I use two main methods:

  • NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The method of programming the subconscious mind by using the patient's natural abilities and inclinations in development, self-fulfillment and satisfying his or her own needs. This is a perfect method for expanding some abilities like learning foreign languages as well as the method of natural childbirth preparation.

  • Ericson’s approach – This is a style full of imagery and gentle persuasion, based on a natural tendency of a human being for dreaming. This method is the best for dealing with phobias, habits, addictions and also helps to make dreams come true.
  • Imagine that:

  • A plane flight might be a wonderful time! In just two sessions, get rid of the fear of flying once and for all!
  • Childbirth is the most exiting and beautiful experience of your life! No pain, no fear! Quick, without pain and most importantly safe for you and your baby!
  • Spiders, snakes, water, mountains, darkness, etc. - you need never to be afraid of them again. You will no longer wake up cold and sweaty because of a nightmare! It works!
  • Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sweets - Is this your problem? Not anymore! Just a few sessions will help you to part with unwanted, unhealthy and expensive habits.
  • Your boss annoys you? Your husband upsets you? Your wife throws you off balance? You need a break! You need a time for yourself! You will feel the difference already after the first meeting, you will feel better!
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